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14 May

Creating Realistic Project Deadlines

When you start a new print project, you want to hit your deadlines, keep your sanity, and make your customers happy. Fortunately, the right amount of planning will make sure that you keep your sanity and your clients Hello Carbot. For your audience to receive the printed piece on time, ask yourself the following questions: […]

12 May

Profile Before You Personalize

Want to achieve higher levels of success with your 1:1 (personalized) printing campaigns? Profile before you personalize! What does this mean? It means understanding what your customers look like as aggregate demographic or psychographic groups before you send targeted mailings or personalize to them as individuals Seoul Subway Download. As a very simplified example, each […]

28 March

In-House Printing vs. Outsourcing

Many businesses and non-profits make the investment of purchasing state of the art copiers/printers in order to save money by printing their material in-house macos high sierra 10.13.6. While this makes great sense from a convenience standpoint, it may not make economical sense in many cases. When you factor in maintenance, toner, paper, time, cost […]

28 March

Call Your Printer Before Formatting Your Document

Many times, customers try to save time by designing their document and putting it into a PDF or some other graphic design format before consulting their printer 그겨울바람이분다 다운로드. You might think, a PDF is a PDF, right? Wrong, like anything else on a computer PDF production is based on certain parameters that you may […]