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30 October

The Reply Card: Art or Afterthought?

The sales letter, lift letter, and brochure tucked inside your direct mail package all share one purpose – to compel the reader to complete and return the reply card script for The Crown Prince of Oktoberfest. While most cards may never be returned, every card that is returned represents an interested prospect. The value far […]

16 October

Ways Color Makes You Money

movie Everest When we think about color in print marketing and direct mail, we think about stunning images and eye-catching graphics. But color packs a punch in letters, product brochures, and other text-heavy documents, too 기본 프로필 사진 다운로드. What makes color so powerful? 영화 화이 다운로드

24 September

Choosing 1:1 Print in an Internet World

Cell phones. iPods. Laptops. Tablets. Where, in the ever-expanding channel mix, is there room for print? The Print Council recently put out a brochure, “Why Print 톰 골드런 다운로드? The Top Ten Ways Print Helps You Prosper,” listing ten reasons marketers should include print. Let’s look at several of them as they relate to a […]

17 September

Want a Bigger Marketing Pay-Off? Try This!

Want to boost response rates? Think “multi-touch, multi-channel.” These campaigns increase awareness and retention and boost response rates, too Tablet download. When one manufacturer wanted to introduce a new product, for example, it created a snazzy, four-color mailer addressing recipients by name and encouraging them to log into a personalized URL to sign up for […]

20 August

Boost Revenues by Targeting Lapsed Clients

Did you know that one of your deepest wells for bigger profits is your lapsed customer base? These are customers who have done business with you in the past, but for some reason have not come back 삼국지 10 다운로드. This isn’t always due to discontent with your company. Sometimes it’s forgetfulness. Sometimes people simply […]

13 August

How Do You Make Marketing Decisions?

How do you plan your print and multi-channel marketing campaigns? Do you trust your intuition? Or do you rely on data to inform your decisions about the most effective way to approach your customers and prospects 탐정 뎐 다운로드? According to a study written by The Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Applied Predictive Technologies […]

12 June

Counteract Commoditization with Creativity

Anyone can come up with a snazzy jingle or discount a product. Marrying great creative with insightful, database-driven personalization is more challenging wsimport 다운로드. It also generates better results because the mailer is relevant, not just catchy. When one safety products company exchanged its static mailers for creative, highly personalized mailers, for example, the results […]

6 May

Using Print to Drive Social Media Engagement

We often think about print and social media as being competitors, but print can be one of the greatest drivers of social media engagement, as well. Take a lesson from Skinny Cow, which uses print to drive participation in its social media and mobile contests 장화 홍련 영화 다운로드. To engage consumers, the company offers […]