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17 May

Got Customers? Now Keep Them!

Congratulations! You’ve gotten new customers through the door. But wait—you’re not done. Now you need to retain them. One of the best ways to do this is through personalization band 다운로드. Here are five ideas for engaging customers with personalized communications that will really help you to stand out. 1. Send a surprise discount Nintendo […]

19 April

Want More Donations? Choose Print!

For nonprofits, every dollar they spend on overhead, administration, and marketing is a dollar not spent on their mission. Not surprisingly, there is an intense focus on which marketing channels are most effective ms office 2010 정품 다운로드. So which channel works best for nonprofits? A study by YouGov provides the answer: direct mail. In […]

5 April

Are Recipients Getting the Message?

How often have you seen a slick direct mail piece—well written, with great graphics and a compelling call to action—but wondered, “What does this company want me to take action on?” Sometimes the simplest components of great marketing pieces are overlooked 시 놀로지 다운로드. One of these can be the actual goal of the piece. […]

5 January

Tapping Your Envelope’s Most Powerful Real Estate

What is the most important real estate on your mailing envelope? It is the upper left-hand corner, the location of the return address. It is here that your prospect will often decide to open your envelope… or not Macintosh download. Here are three reasons this space helps recipients decide to open your envelope: Existing customer […]

12 November

Want to Boost Results? Think in Color!

Did you know that from the moment you walk into a retail store, your experience is highly calibrated? Retailers know that the amount you purchase is influenced by the style and speed of music it is playing, the luxury of the scents it is wafting, and even the level of the floor beneath your feet […]

28 September

Old Vs. New Media: Which Is Better?

When it comes to the effectiveness of local advertising, which is better, traditional media or new media? The answer might surprise you. When local advertisers asked about which channels are most effective for building their businesses, Borrell Associates found that companies rated both equally Download Ansung Municipal Library. On a scale of 1 to 5, […]

21 September

Sell More by Educating Your Customers

Are most of your marketing campaigns used for direct sales? If so, why not mix it up? Try using your next mailer to offer advice or a helping hand instead 제 5 인격 다운로드. It’s a great way to sell products and deepen customer loyalty at the same time. Just look at Home Depot. Why […]

6 September

5 Copy Tips for Better Direct Mail Response

Target Marketing recently published a terrific article on generating responses with direct mail. It doesn’t point to data-driven personalization, multichannel integration, or psychographic targeting, although all of these are important strategies Jerry Maguireed. The article talks about the basics of effective marketing. We’ll summarize the points here and illustrate them with a TV commercial most […]

5 March

3 Ways to Use Psychology to Boost Results Today

Studies have shown that simple techniques related to human behavior can boost the results of marketing campaigns significantly. Here are three techniques that are particularly simple and easy to implement 다음 클라우드 다운로드. Set minimums. Set a minimum purchase or, if you’re fundraising, a minimum donation. In research done for the American Cancer Society, Robert […]

2 February

5 Steps to Building Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is an important topic among marketers these days. You work hard to gain your customers. Now you need to keep them. Here are five principles of customer loyalty you need to know spring 다중 다운로드. Know your customers. This means tying together all the data you have on your customers to get one […]