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23 August

Why Foil Stamping?

Printed collateral, direct mail, and other printed marketing communications remain the bedrock of successful marketing campaigns, but their “look” is changing 천재교육 교사용 cd 다운로드. Consumers today, especially Millennials, are drawn to marketing touches that produce an experience. They love the novelty of print, and their ability to handle a tangible, quality piece stands out […]

3 July

Smart Tips to Get Noticed!

On an almost daily basis, we are presented with sales and marketing materials that are meant to get our attention and prompt us to make a response. How can you stand out in the crowd windows 7 oem? There are several easy-to-implement, yet often-overlooked considerations that can greatly improve the effectiveness of your company’s efforts. […]

26 June

Demystifying Basic Paper Terms

There is a bewildering variety of printing papers available, and deciphering a print quote can seem like reading a foreign language. Here are some of the most relevant terms you need to know jquery-1.11.2.min.js. Basis weight is the weight in pounds of a ream (500 sheets) of a paper at its basic size, or the […]

19 June

Want Better Results? Get Scientific!

When it comes to marketing spend, there is value in trusting your gut. But more and more marketers are looking to the numbers. According to a new survey by Adobe1 , marketers are increasingly relying on data and analytics to guide their decisions Terius behind me. Creativity is critical, but that creativity needs to be […]

28 March

David vs Goliath

How can the local printer compete with the giant chain copy stores? (i.e. rhymes with Blinko’s) In this age of digital technology, it has become the great equalizer for the local print shops that have been able to take full advantage of this fences 무료 다운로드. Your local print shop with the right equipment can […]

28 March

Get Your Printing Job Right The First Time

Many online printers offer a cheap price for common print jobs. Many times you get what you pay for. I’ve heard many stories of how customers choose their printer based on the quoted price and received something that was unusable pdf from a certified broker. The pages are stuck together due to the ink drying […]

27 March

Why It Pays To Get Multiple Quotes

The next time you get something printed, it might pay to get more than one quote. Many things go into the price of a quote Free to excel. Much of which is unknown to the customer. The quality and price can vary greatly from printer to printer based on the equipment used, experience of the […]