Spiral Bound Printing

 Spiral bound book printing is one of the most common methods of digital printing. There are many uses of spiral book printing including businesses making corporate manuals to self publishers making their very own cookbook. No matter what your need is Chromatic can deliver quality spiral bound book printing jobs at a very affordable price.

Spiral Bound Book Printing

Spiral Bound Book Printing Uses:

  • Instruction Manuals
  • Cookbooks
  • Corporate Guidelines
  • Textbooks
  • Teacher’s Guides

Chromatic can handle small and large spiral bound book printing orders. For more information please call (818) 242-5785 or email info@chromatic.com for more information.

Spiral Bound Printing Information

Spiral bound printing is one of the common types of binding for business documents. Unlike saddle stitch or velo binding, it allows you to lay your document flat on a table and even turn the pages notebook style.

There are many printing options available to a business seeking to print business documents with spiral bound printing, both in store options and online printing options. Each choice has positive attributes and negative attributes.

Types of Printing Companies:

  • Offset Printers – This is the most common type of printing company. They tend to specialize in high volumes of printing such as orders of 1,000 units or more. They may offer some digital printing services such as spiral bound printing, but it is not recommended as they don’t specialize in complicated documents that may require collation and tabs. This type of printer is found both online and at retail.
  • Digital Printers – This type of printer uses the latest in digital technology to product documents such as spiral bound printing, booklet printing and color printing. They are a preferred option for documents, since they specialize in this type of work. An online option is preferred as centralized printing facilities will have tight quality controls in place vs. a local retail establishment that uses one person to print and collate, a process that often leads to error.

Spiral bound printing is typically used in business documents such as: presentations, booklets, reports, manuals, catalogs, and proposals. Beyond spiral, other types that have a similar look include twin loop and comb. Twin loop printing and spiral bound printing will have the most professional appearance while comb will look like a cheaper printing approach was used. While it could potentially be used in marketing documents, spiral bound printing is primarily for large documents, and marketing documents are usually also smaller.

No matter what type of printer you choose offset or digital, retail or online, ask for a free sample print to judge price and quality. Not all printers are the same. Ask for the published rate of quality so that you can compare error rates. Some retail printers have reported error rates as high as 10% vs. online printers that have fractions of a percentage error rates. Spiral binding is typically used in business documents like: booklets, presentations, manuals, reports, proposals, and catalogs. Using spiral binding for marketing documents is irregular, due to the large size of the binding type, but could very possibly be the look your company is seeking.

Although spiral binding is primarily used for business documents and not marketing documents, and appearance is usually more important for marketing documents that is no excuse not to use a high-quality printer. Whether you chose to print in a local shop or print online, make sure they print with high quality products. Go in to the local shop beforehand, or for online printing request a sample guide from the printing company before you print any documents that are spiral bound.