Booklet Printing

Booklet printing is a type of printing commonly used for catalogs or other print items which are usually in page sizes 8.5 x 11,  6×10.5 or 12×18.  These booklets are printed on both sides of the paper and can be used for a variety of different reasons. Booklets can have a paper cover if you are looking to have the most cost effective method of printing your booklets or a soft-cover if you are looking for a more polished final product.

Chromatic has been doing booklet printing for 39 years now and has worked with some of the most prestigious institutions and companies. If you are looking to get booklet printing for your business or for personal use you have come to the right place. For an estimate on your booklet printing job please call (818) 242-5785 or email

 Booklet Printing Uses:

  • Promoting Your Product or Service: One of the most common uses for booklet printing is to help spread the word about your existing product or service or to promote a new product or service. By having high quality booklet printing done by Chromatic, you can mail out or have ready at your next big trade show or event material that will impress potential new clients.
  • Catalog Printing: If you are looking to make a catalog for your line of products why not do it via a booklet? If you are looking for your catalog to have a different look or feel when it comes to the binding, you may wish to consider saddle stitch printing or wire-o binding printing for your catalog.
  • Full Color Items: Many businesses are looking for full color printing and they can get a professional looking final product via booklet printing. You can get your booklet fully customized to your specifications whether it comes to certain paper types, to glossiness, to how much color printing is involved in the job.

Why Choose Chromatic Press For Your Booklet Printing Job?

Chromatic knows how to deliver a quality booklet printing job. If you are unsure what you are looking in your booklet printing job or have any questions about the printing process the experts at Chromatic will know how to help you. If you are looking for getting a quality printing job done by professionals at an excellent price, call Chromatic today at (818) 242-5785.