Banner Printing

There are many types of banners with many different uses and meanings. From individual banners of small organized groups, to large banners like the flag of a nation. Here at Chromatic we have all the knowledge and tools to help you get your banner out there and advertising for you! We have been making banners for over 39 years and our experienced staff can help you decide which would make the best choice for you!

Banners have always been a symbol of something greater. But banners are not only used to show an organized grouping. Have you ever been driving down the street and seen a “GRAND OPENING!” sign? Banners are a great way to advertise as well! From the grand opening of a store, to an upcoming event; whether it be a sale or a high school dance, banners can be a very quick and noticeable way of getting information out to the public. Why would you want to go with a banner you might ask?

One of the greatest things about banners is their ability to be quickly read in passing. A lot of times people don’t have the time to read a whole big thing on why they should do something. Banners have a representation of something bigger, something quality, and something more urgent.

Another reason is that they are easily visible from a long ways off. This gives you a greater chance of having more people see the information you wish to convey. Putting them between lamp posts, freeway overpasses, building sides, are all great ways to attract a large amount of attention to your cause.

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