David vs Goliath

How can the local printer compete with the giant chain copy stores? (i.e. rhymes with Blinko’s)

In this age of digital technology, it has become the great equalizer for the local print shops that have been able to take full advantage of this. Your local print shop with the right equipment can produce high quality print material such as brochures, books, manuals, postcards, etc. that rivals most traditional off-set presses.

You thought you needed to go to your chain copy store because you only needed 100 brochures made and the print shop would require at least 1,0000? Not necessarily. If they have the right equipment, they can print up those 100 brochures for you no problem.

Cost. How can the local print shop compete against the big boys? Just because they’re big doesn’t mean they have the lowest prices.

Obtain some bids and you will be surprised.