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9 July

Tricks for Increasing Your Envelope Open Rate

Even the best written sales letter will be ineffective if it’s never read. This is why the envelope can be the key determining whether your direct mail gets opened or tossed. Here are some ideas for making your envelopes more enticing: Oversize it. Anything outside of the standard #10 envelope will set your piece apart. […]

19 January

Need One Reason to Use QR Codes? This Is It

Do you offer retail products and haven’t yet incorporated QR Codes into your business model? If you’re still looking for motivation to get on board, this might be it. According to a new study of mobile shoppers[1], While shopping in the store, the majority (58%) prefer to look up information on their smartphone or tablet […]

28 July

Are You Listening? Or Just Talking?

Are You Listening? Or Just Talking? In your marketing communications, are you building relationship or just selling? What was your last mailing? Was it a catalog? Promotional offer? Sales letter? That’s one-way communication. True communication is a two-way street that involves both speaking and listening. If you are doing more talking than listening, how do […]

21 July

5 Tips for Getting People to Read Your Content

5 Tips for Getting People to Read Your Content The buzz is all about content marketing these days. Direct mail, newsletters, white papers, social media, blogs. But more important than the channel used to deliver your content is the content itself. Are you giving your audience something they want to read? Here are five tips […]

15 May

1:1 Print Beats Online for Relevance

If you want inexpensive, real-time communications, online marketing can be a powerful tool. But if you want highly relevant marketing communications that consumers respect, then personalized print is the way to go. In a survey of more than 1,200 people conducted for ad:tech London by Zussi Research, 69% percent of respondents saw traditional advertising as […]

9 May

Position Yourself as an Expert

No matter what business you’re in, you are the expert in something. Establishing yourself as an authority gives you a coveted status that places you head and shoulders above your competition. It also builds loyalty with your client base and generates interest from prospects. But how do you establish expert status? Here are a few […]

8 May

Understanding Plain vs. Rich Black

In the graphic arts, the color “black” isn’t quite so black and white. Being aware of the “shades of black” can help you maximize the impact of your design. There are two basic categories of black: <i>plain black</i> and <i>rich black</i>. Plain black is created using 100% black ink. Rich black, on the other hand, […]

6 May

Five Ways to Market for Less

Did you know that even during the Great Depression, some companies thrived? While other marketers were cutting their spending, a few businesses like Camel and Chevrolet took the opportunity to use aggressive marketing tactics to grab market share from their competitors. It’s proof that the key to long-term success in any economy is to get […]