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29 April

Cheap Printing Los Angeles

Printing is an inevitable task, especially if you will use the printed materials as marketing tools to promote your business. Although many businesses nowadays are using the internet to promote the products and services they offer, it is still important for one to have some printed materials that will be distributed to their target audience. […]

28 March

Paper Choice Makes A Difference

Paper makes all the difference: While the weight or brightness of a paper may not seem important, it can make a huge difference in how your marketing materials turn out. You have to know throughout the planning, designing and printing portions of the process just what paper you are going to use — a change […]

27 March

Why It Pays To Get Multiple Quotes

The next time you get something printed, it might pay to get more than one quote. Many things go into the price of a quote. Much of which is unknown to the customer. The quality and price can vary greatly from printer to printer based on the equipment used, experience of the printer, and whether […]